I heart Galliano.

John Galliano is one of my idols. He is such a genius for drama and obviously cut. I especially love all of his past and present work of sheer garments. And even tho Pre-Fall shows have started, I am taking it one season at a time. So, here are some of my favs from the John Galliano Spring 09 collection.

I love this Galliano look complete with Stephen Jones millinery work. (I need that hat!)

Amazing. Is it bad that I can already see Urban or Forever21 copying this?

This dress is a dream. Do YOU need this?

Love the purple hair, proportions of blouse to skirt, and love off the shoulder.

This is a lovely frock to wear while running errands.


Southern lovin'.

I had lunch with my dear friend, who happens to be southern, at a lovely restaurant, that happened to be southern, Big Jones.

A beautiful tea.

Leftovers in the afternoon sun.


Look! Shepard Fairey in my backyard.

Before taking the photo, I totally mouthed the words, "Don't ruin this photo" to that cabbie.

Two Spring treasures.

Balenciega Spring/Summer 09.

and Vivienne Westwood s/s09.

Something to keep you warm.

Ms. Naomi Campbell on the cover of Russian Vogue. Hello diamond.



Interesting article from The New York Times about Anna Wintour and Vogue. And I kind agree...
..well I guess that link doesn't work. Basically the article was about Vogue being out of touch. A little. Sorry Ms. Wintour. I mean I think there are some inspired members of her staff, especially Grace Coddington, and I love that crazy Andre Leon Talley. The article also accuses the mag of only catering to socialites and such. Hm.