native american love.

At one of the crystal shops, On the Rocks, they had these amazing dream catchers hanging. They are hand made by some dude and run like $120. amaaaaazzzziiinnnnggg. 

Le Labo.

A couple days ago I went to the new Barney's (which I l-l-l-loooove.) and discovered this super cool scent. Le Labo is compounded in the store, which means they use some fresh ingredients and that's all I know. But I love it and got bergamote for my summer scent in the perfuming balm. The packaging is nice and under the caution it reads, "Keep out of reach of children unless they have an acute sense of luxury." Amazing! They even label the bottle and box with your name. so cute. 


toe sucker??

uhm, do i have a creepy foot fetish?? noooo. i just appreciate beautiful line, and nicholas kirkwood is a fucking genius. this is autumn/winter 2009. 


screw that heel.

could you die?! i'm dying. alexander wang for fall 09. he recently won the cfda swarovski crystal award and i heard his parents own a shit ton of banks, and had a "little" help getting in the biz...but is that a bad thing??

marilyn fever.

seriously, couldn't you just stare at images of marilyn for hours? well i did, actually it took a week or so to fully digest the images posted at fuck yeah marilyn monroe. i haven't even delved into the archives, but the images are so delicious and inspiring you get sucked into it. she has such an amazing star quality, even today through her images you can feel her energy. i love, love, love this site, the quotes and rare images give you a little insight into Marilyn and Norma Jean. (i am not going to get into it..but....well you know..) 


weekend with the gays.

so over memorial weekend, the bf and i drove down to our friends' second home in indy. our friend just happens to be a wonderful interior designer so it's always a treat to stay in their lovely home. here are the pictures, albeit late.

he has a collection of pitchforks lining the main hallway.

fancy. by the luck of the draw, we got to stay in their bedroom.

these are their super cute springer spaniels, jake and katie. they are so beautiful.



last night, i went to a fun event in a wicker park art space with my super cute friend meghan and a couple of her girlfriends. "fuck let them eat cake" was a show styled by this young guy, justin white..and it was pretty entertaining. there were a lot of pieces from coco rococo (?? is that right?, it's that 90's resale shop on chicago ave. or something) and a friend, ashley scott, designed the amazing earrings in the show, sorry no good pics of them, but believe me they are cuuuute. and i have to say, it was a chicago fashion event that i actually liked..yay! 
(Ps. sorry the pics are a little blurry.)

meghan's amazing jewelry. you need it.

this piece was sheer and you could see her boobie, it was pretty.

in the background you can see liz, one of the owners of eskell.

I live for this jumper, it was pink and white. so fresh.