boys in heels.

sing along to the tune of "girls on film": boys in heeeeels, boys in heeeels, boysss in the heeeeeels.



those shoooes.

i know everyone has already talked/posted about these shoes. but seriously! i mean....!  they're a tranny hit. amazing.
ps. they are alexander mcqueen s/s10 if you are a gd idiot and didn't know.

gimmee. if i was walking the streets, this is what i'd wear.

uhm, can i get a bag in that treatment??!

ugh. i love.

chanel s/s10

say what you will, i (would) love (to see) a chanel show.

uncle karl.♥.xoxox.

lets talk about food.

ok, so you must go to the caracas arepas bar on the lower east side in nyc. it's A-MAZ-ING! arepas are magically crafted south american treats; they're crispy, savory, spicy, and deeeelicious. they have a garlic, orange colored sauce on each table that you are going to want to smother your body in - i'm not kidding. it's a sensation!

we also ate at casa mono in gramercy park.  this is the duck egg, bacon, and fingerling potatoes dish i slammed my face into.

omg, russ and daughters!!!!!! they don't toast the bagels, the lox is out of this world, and it's the real jewish deal. my mouth is watering just looking at the picture again. ugh. they also had caviar cream cheese which looked yummy.

butter lane cupcakes. just down the street from the arepas place. i got caramel popcorn and my gf got plain. they were tasty.

woah. i ate much, much more but i was a loser and didn't take crazy pictures of everything. i also really loved apizz, malatesta, donut plant (!!! i know, i mentioned it before, but hello, it deserves another mention), and la superior & cafe moto in brooklyn. yum.

nueva yorka.

i just got back from nyc this week, and i had a fab time. among the high points; standing next to Alexander Wang at sugarland in brooklyn, shopping the muimui/prada sample sale on the vip day, the amazing food, donut plant!!!!!!!, and camping (aka staying in ny) with my bestie. my trip was a hit, but i was happy to come home to my babies, all three of them.

uhm crazy pic, i know. but it's our sample sale purchases stuffed in between tables at caracas in les. more about that amazing place to come!


sad day.

irving penn died today. he was a legend and will be missed.


gems and old treasures.

this is an old editorial from bazaar, 2006 i think, about bridget bardot featuring gems. first of all, i totally remember this editorial (which says a lot, considering the boring american editorials in circulation.) and secondly, i fucking love gemma ward, i feel like she never see her anymore. and thirdly, i vacationed last winter in brazil and went to buzios, which has a bronze statue of bridget in the town. apparently, she use to vacation there in the 60s and 70s and she is their claim to fame...besides their amazing beaches.

ps. i totally look like this when i wake up.
...maybe not.


dior ss10

yesss!, i am huge fan of john's work for dior and this season is no exception. i love this white chevron, it's so fresh.

can we talk about this lingerie mood mister galliano is giving us???! i am totally feeling it.

john galliano = an idol of mine.

he did this horizontal blocking on the skirts, and i fucking love it.

uhm is that burnout???! gimmee.

source: style.com


oh nicolas. ♥♥♥

i am obsessed with nicolas ghesquiere and his work at balenciaga, hello amazing!! i need to see his fabrics up close and personal tho... (ugh!)

are you jealous you don't have this dress yet?!

so cute. how small/tall is he??!

ps. check out this article from nytimes about balmain vs balenciaga. it's annoying how the media loves to pit artists against each other.

source: style.com

hello balmain.

is it just me or is balmain what cool girls wanna wear??

ps. doesn't christophe decarni look like pete doherty??! ...maybe not.

source: style.com