miss ross moment.

take off your top.

"who wants to show me their muscles??.... i don't see nothing yet!"
 i love how miss ross is working the men.

ps. can we have a moment of comparison? muscles in 1983 vs muscles in 2011. nyc 1983 vs nyc today. 



Barrrrbie! Nicki's feature on this track is EVERYTHING!

Pull up in the monster
automobile gangster
with a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka
yeah I’m in that Tonka, colour of Willy Wonka
you could be the King but watch the Queen conquer
ok first things first I’ll eat your brains
then I’mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs
cause that’s what a muthafucking monster do
hairdresser from Milan, thats the monster do
monster Giuseppe heel that’s the monster shoe
Young Money is the roster and the monster crew
and I’m all up all up all up in the bank with the funny face
and if I’m fake I aint notice cause my money aint
let me get this straight wait I’m the rookie
but my features and my shows ten times your pay?
50k for a verse, no album out!
yeah my money’s so tall that my barbie’s gotta climb it
hotter than a middle eastern climate
find it Tony Matterhorn dutty wine it
while it, nicki on them titties when I sign it
how these niggas so one-track minded
but really really I don’t give a F-U-C-K
forget barbie fuck nicki she’s fake
she’s on a diet but my pockets eating cheese cake
and I’ll say bride of Chucky is Child’s play
just killed another career it’s a mild day
besides ‘Ye they can’t stand besides me
I think me, you and Am [Amber Rose] should menage friday
pink wig thick ass give em whip lash
I think big get cash make em blink fast
now look at what you just saw I think this is what you live for
aaaahhh, I’m a muthaf-cking monster!


dior ss11 couture

this wasn't my favorite dior couture show, but i still love dior, john and everything he brings.
 i love this beaded plaid technique. 

 hello stephen jones.

i am gagging over john's new lewk. 

source: style



last week we had a crazy blizzard come through. it was awful. this is what it was like...from the safety of my home.

Nanny Photog

Over vaygay, I was watching all these weird, random videos and happened upon a super inspiration story about Vivian Maier (1926-2009). She was a North Shore nanny who explored photography on her days off. Her sophisticated, but untrained eye captured well over 100,000 images but what is most interesting to me is Vivian's lack of desire to share her creativity. She was happy to explore Chicagoland and humankind through the medium of photograhy, without broadcasting the information. Vivian had expressed no interest of sharing her work, even though I think it's something worth sharing. I guess I am most surprised/inspired by her modesty.

Anyway, I went to the Cultural Center here in Chicago (which is beautiful in it's own right, it's the old Chicago Library, has beautiful mosaic tilings, and huge Tiffany domed ballrooms.) Although the exhibition was a little caca/ghetto, her work is wonderful and here are some of my favorite images.

self portrait.
♥. the actual image is intentionally blurry and reminds me of Gerhard Richter's "Woman Descending the Staircase." (one of my fav paintings at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute in Chicago)
i kept staring at this photo, because the children seemed like caricatures of street urchins instead of real kids. the one of the right even has mismatched buttons on his home sewn overalls. 
 chic, non?

source: wimp, cultural center exhibition "Finding Vivian Maier: Street Photographer"

spring/summer round up!

as we get closer to spring/lust for spring, i like to recap my favorite collections to get excited for the coming season. 

prada - i think it's so fun. and i need that striped stole and sunnies. oops.

celine - it's what cool girls wanna wear.

lanvin - i lurve the silhouettes and luxury on a minimal scale.  

rodarte - i love the sisters.

haider ackermann - dreamy. his work embodies a new elegance. 

vuitton - obvi choice for a homoschexual like myself.
givenchy - c.u.n.t.
mcqueen - sarah burton is a hit.
balenciaga - i love the prints, textures, and styling.

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