vuitton ss11

 oooffffffh. vuitton lace!

i luuurve the opulence of this collection.
marc jacobs cites paris is burning as an inspiration, one of my fav movies, and it werqs.

source: style.com


Happy Holidays.

Gelsey is nutz (see Dancing On My Grave), but she sure is pretty.  Super quiet assemblĂ©s. So delicate and fragile.



 et voilĂ 

burqa and hijab ♥

I love the mystery and fluidity of a burqa, hijab, or chador. i realize there are mixed feelings about the right to wear a burqa vs being forced to wear a one and etc; but I simply like the aesthetic of it. 





i don't understand why lil' kim and nicki minaj are fighting. lil' kim claims nicki minaj is copying her or whatevs. but...isn't that what happens?.. artists are inspired from previous generations and appropriate. and why can't ladies be more supportive of other strong ladies, after all isn't that the message? hello. there's room for everyone.

remember when lil' kim pulled this look??

 my mom even remembers this...

my fav lil' kim song. 

appropriate much?



hair, here.

i am so into the faded cotton-candy colored hair lewk. wb!

got that feeling.

delicate privacy.


daze off.

oaaafff. i have had a busy fall so I was super thankful to have 2 days off in a row. here's what i did..

i had a dyeing date with my friend maureen. she helped me dye all my silk chiffon and organza for my thesis. the blues turned out beautiful, there are more blue-green gradation tones that you don't see in the picture.

we redyed this one, so it turned out more vibrant. think ruby-red. 
the color palette seems a little primary here, but in context they are layered in long silhouettes along with silver or navy chantilly lace and transparent latex. 

oops. i baked this deliciousness too. parmesan and cauliflower cake/quiche

my friend/star lester has another amazing story in the december issue of elle. i LOOOOVE this spread. it's for real WO.MEN. (as she would say.) there are so many showstoppers in this story. the leopard look with cartier ring and givenchy shoes, the westwood look, this versace picnic set, the ysl jumper with the moschino clutch (BUY right in your face!), and ALL of the hats (especially the black croc- it's everything!) so i ate my delicious baked good with some arugula and enjoyed lester's spread. 

 my angels.
 lula sometimes falls asleep standing up. so cute.  she need atleast 20 hours of sleep a day or she just isn't herself... fernando can barely hold open his eyes either.

ladies who lunch.