tough bitches.


vogue paris 2005 roitfeld testino


do you think tommy ton would be my friend? i mean i loved him before, but now....obsessed.

source: tommy ton's facebook (!!!! i know. total stalker.)



today i schlepped back and forth across town all day in 97 degree weather. i was off today so i went to the strand (got a fab book from the met about haute couture and john water's role models), stopped by a crystal shop on christopher, and general running about. 

dalai lama is datchu??

homeless peek-a-boo.

washington square park.


my friend invited me to a rooftop bbq in soho for the 4th. 

to get access to the roof, one must climb two sets of ladders and hoist yourself through a skylight. (!!!!!) 

yeah. through that hole. (!!!)

but it was serene on top. 

the hostess' shoes.

intern about town.

one of the funniest things about interning is - i go *everywhere*. and i see some of the weirdest shit in the most random places...like this crazy character that obvi wants us to go to mondo. 

6th ave installation. 

oh diane. 

oh ruben!!!! 

nyc textures. 

textures #2.

leaving the office..

adventures in park slope.

i meet up with my friend, jessica, to explore brooklyn a bit.

prospect park. 

a flutist and guitarist playing for tips.

we also went to gowanus to a jelly molding event. it was small and different. i.e. oyster shaped jello...

jello pies. 

jellow citrus. 

...i thought this looked like a bloody mary bar or something..

after schlepping around brooklyn, we went to her friend's penthouse in chinatown for din. 

sorry for the blurry photos. i was trying to not make a production as i was leaving...oops.