croc come to me.

there is a difference between need and want. 
i need this. 

source: jak&jil.com

rick owens s10


source: style.com

summer prints.

newton 1977.

softer, softest.

Christopher Kane s07 by Cedric Rivrain

mcqueen f10

chayalan. 1996 (?)


miss thang.

lez talk about anna dello russo, shall we? she's amazing. former editor for vogue italia, l'uomo and current fashion director at large for vogue nippon. she is fashion enthusiast, in the strongest sense of the word, who catalogues all of her clothing, shoes, and jewelry in an effort of one day establishing a foundation and exhibiting/sharing her collection. she is an inspiration to many, one being my favorite street style photographer - tommy ton of jak&jil.

sources: jak&jil, satorialist on style.com, forums.fashionspot.com


greece and gayz.

mykonos, greece. it was beautiful!!

more mykonos...

the belgian drag queen at the resort we stayed at. this was the only good performance, little mermaid.."look at this stuff, isn't it neat? wouldn't you think my collection is complete."



rocking every where..

it's just a fish in the atlantic..

muybridge tattoo??

beautiful burqas.

bo bae kim.

 bo bae kim. 

hussein chayalan "between" 1998