i am living in nyc for the summer. i am staying downtown with my bestie until my sublet in greenwich village is available.

i have taken an internship with womenswear designer. i spend a lot of time in the garment district. a silk resource we use, it's just aisles and aisles of beautiful silks.

this was in the bathroom of bianca. 

(bianca is a super delicious italian restaurant. my bestie is a crazy foodie like me, so she takes me to delicious dinners every night)

sunset in brooklyn.

we went on the highline in chelsea (right by the secret comme des garçons pop-up shop!) it's a set of abandoned elevated train tracks that has been landscaped and made into a walking promenade. i really enjoyed the greenery/scenery, it was a real treat.

shake shack!!! 

...so that's a random summary of my two weeks here. 

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