Crash The Gala



I would def help in the garden more if I had this quilted moment. Just saying. 


i ♡ karl.

thank the heavens, karl is still giving us glamour. 

source: Chanel Couture Fall/Winter on style.com

Dior was a bore.

I don't know about you, but I've never been a Raf Simons fan so when the whole Galliano debacle happened and Raf replaced John - I was not too happy. (with any of it.) But I thought, who knows what will happen at the magical house of Dior...but out comes the Fall/Winter Couture shows and I was again not too happy. One of my girl friends put it best, "I thought Raf's show lacked FEMININITY, ROMANCE, and IMAGINATION.".

The best:

then there was:

almost there....but not really.
(ps. look at that cutie albert elbaz on the left.)

gah, i just fell asleep again. (so did the front row.)


source: style.com