it's lacroix, sweetie.

omg. lacroix is feeling the pinch of this fucking recession. ugh. i think he will pull through, didn't he have some problems a several years back? but i loooove lacroix and i believe fashion doesn't always need to be commercial. it's art, it's beauty, it's a reflection of life. 



i know there are many mixed feelings on the war, because it's a big ole' mess, but this project by richard mosse is powerful. breach is an amazing series that focuses on hussein's palaces seized through the war. definitely check out his work. 



Here is an interesting video on Madam Wintour from 60 Minutes
Despite everything, I think Anna Wintour is a powerhouse and someone to admire. I, however, do not think she should be called a bitch. That word is inappropriate in a professional setting. Get the fuck outta here old man. 


I feel cream.

Peaches' new album just came out and it's aaaammmaaaaazzzzzing. "I Feel Cream" is a little less angry than her past albums but it's delicious just the same. I'm in love with Serpentine and Billionaire. Dream city!!
And I have tickets to go see her next Friday with some fun gays. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ow!!