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omg shoes.

shoes. shoes.  let's get some shoes.

let's party.


yvan is hott.

if i wasn't happily happy, i would chase yvan rodic down and make him mine (even tho i think he likes ladies.) he is so fucking sexxy to me. ugh, i don't normally like those types of boys. but i meaannnn...c'mon

these are from his recent trip to jakarta and hong kong...i think.

jealous? don'tcha wish you were that major?

cute comme des garcon diy detail.

ps. why is she slamming her face against that disgusting payphone??!

uhm tranny or real-life bratz dolls? (and can we talk about those ridiculous bratz dolls? they are whore-ible.)

yes! werq. full glitz.

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full glitz.

i love a crazy, tranny bob mackie piece. i think he is still working too.

hello cher. don't you just want to put on a headdress and work this piece?.. i do.

get this.

do you need this?? its by han cholo and it's only $70! imagine doing a hair toss with this treasure. so cute.

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