Made with love by me. 
I draped this piece by collaging 7+ different laces together. The process took about 3 months and I just finished before the Spring Solstice. 
My work is inspired by transparency, the Divine Feminine, and 
F A N T A S Y .  


S P R I N G .

Chanel 1990s

Butterfly wing 

Picachu on a mammoth photo picachu_zps5d1440f7.gif

Galliano x Dior 1999

 photo tumblr_m315g4iEn21r6b2i4o1_500_zps41235efc.gif

Leigh Bowery


Iggy Azalea

Just in case you haven't seen this amazing Cluelesss moment.

source: youtube


Junya Watanabe fw 14

I really loved the Junya Watanabe fw 14 collection. 
Loved the circular motifs. Loved the textures.
Loved the darkness. 

Tell me this isn't the best peacoat you've seen in awhile. 
And those patchwork pants..(!!!)

Love, love, love. 
All praises to the CDG family. 

 photo tumblr_mtoylspMOE1sjwkoho1_500_zpsb7d87987.gif

source: Style.com


Chanel accessories fw 14

I think then Chanel accessories were the stars of the FW 14 show. Take a looksie at these treasures. 

Love this styling. 

I want to fill my (Chanel chain!!!) basket with these too. 

 Love this knotted pearl necklace.
The Kaiser should have a book about variations on a theme. 

Wait he does...it's the Little Black Jacket book...ooops...

How clever is this bag. The classic 2.55 quilted bag but with a sack interior and cut out handle. 

S O           C H I C. 


I will take one of everything. 
Or maybe two..
source: Style.com

Chanel fw 14

He has done it again. 
Uncle Karl has reinvented the runway. 
Thank you Mr. Lagerfeld. 

I wish my grocery shopping experience was like this....
Maybe we should all take Uncle Karl's hint,
 and always be dressed even when doing the most mundane tasks. 

Life is an editorial/runway/fantasy!

source: Style.com


Peter Copping

I don't know why I haven't written about Peter Copping at Nina Ricci. He has been one of my favorites for the past 3 years. He studied at Central Saint Martins, London's Royal College of Art and interned with Christian Lacroix (!!!!!!!!). But you probably know his work from Louis Vuitton where he was the Director of the Womenswear Studio under Marc Jacobs for 12 years. In retrospect, I can definitely see Peter's touch in Vuitton's collections during that period which explains why I was so into LV then...

Louis Vuitton ss 2001

I had the pleasure to meet him about a year ago. He was very nice and had a calm, confident but not aggressive energy to him. Obviously I was trying to play it cool, but I was fangirling inside. I have such respect/admiration for his work and was left liking him even more after the encounter. 

"Peter hates panic; he's completely civilized."
- Katie Grand

I love Nina Ricci because it's a beautifully-made, feminine House. The fit of the collection is always fabulous because he uses a lot of knits to achieve a tailored yet comfortable look. They cut up to a size 44 which really can fit someone who is a size 46 (like a US 14ish!) with the knit factor. But I am most in love with his work in lace and transparency.  So romantic. 


This was a harness and sheer shell sold together, so chic. 


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Ninna Ricci fw14

Oh Peter. You're such a dream.

source: style.com