layers n' layers.

it's cold here in chicago, so i am already looking forward to how i am going to layer this fall. eeeeee! i think i need some paper thin cashmere cardies with prints!! do they make that for mens? probably not.




summer is almost over and i'm sad...but we have a couple more days left to summer and then we can look forward to fall fashions..right?..!

morning treasure.

take a looksie at some of katy smail's work. she is definitely a talent with some fresh ideas. and she's from scotland! cute! 

source: turned out


jeepers creepers.

speaking of creepy... i love a witchy, magical vibe for fall. but i guess, when am i not into a witchy, magical vibe. 

meisel flashback.

stephen meisel is a genius. i can't believe people thought the campaign was pornographic or whatever, and it was banned. redic. who doesn't like a little creepy?


werk miss estonia.

uhm, dontcha wish you were this cute when you were a teen??  this girl is hott, her name is anni, she is 13 (!!!) and is from estonia. she has sick style and even designs some super jewelry. her blog is style hurricane and it's pretty cute. 

i love this look. it's a dress folded down, so it looks all deconstructed and delicious.  wtg young lady!!



i need this trench. 


nice digs.

should we move in?

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Dior, Dior, and more Dior.

Here some of my favs from the Dior Fall09 Couture show in July.

 I love the undergarment drama John Galliano gives you. He was inspired by vintage photos of Christian Dior dressing his girls backstage. 

yes, yes, and YES!!

Stephen Jones millinery.

and look. 

Uhm.. do you need these bra strap heels?!!!

source: style, bryanboy.