is marc back?

i don't know about you, but i was kinda over marc in the past seasons. even his work at vuitton, which is normally interesting, hasn't been amazing. but maybe he is back. i'm excited.

i am definitely feeling the 70s vibe he is giving. 

source: style.com



lately, i have been obsessed with polka dots. i'm not sure if it's because comme des garcon is everything or if it's simply because polkas are so cute. 



summer is almost over. i start my last year of school next wk. (yay!)

dear daria.

you're a dream. keep it up! xoxx. 

jeepers creepers.

gwendolyn huskens medical inspired shoes

tiedye proenza.

the best shot i have ever seen of this proenza look, and it's been shot A LOT.


you don't hear too much about kenzo tadaka and i honestly don't know much about him. his first shop was called jungle jap (!!) and I read a little about him in "The Beautiful Fall" when he was gallivanting about with Uncle Karl and YSL. he seems to be an interesting character.