mr. chalayan sez.

The amazing Hussein Chalayan weighs in on models guest "designing" clothing lines... 

“If you have a really strong sense of style and people want to aspire to being like you, I can understand that,” he says. “But if you really are doing it just because you think of yourself as a brand and you haven’t had the training and you know nothing about clothes, it kind of demeans all the training that designers have had.” 

The article then goes on to say...

"It's no secret that when Moss designs clothes all she does is pull designer pieces from her disgustingly large closet and have Topshop reproduce them — no real design expertise required on her part."

Hmm..i totally agree, with hussein that is.

source: The Cut


blk tie event.
blk tie event.

Let's go to the theater.


michael st. james commented on how bogus menswear is, except for gareth pugh. so true! i love his fall 09; it's creepy, witchy, and dreamy.


def. gimme. i need this!! 

me and my friend, saralyn, would match if i wore this. 

face, face, face. these boys are giving you face - dead face, scary face. 


heeeeello mr. dundas.

uhm is it just me or is peter dundas kinda cute? i think he use to play rugby or hockey or something hot. anyway, he's the new designer for pucci. i am loving these knits.

(ps. isn't jourdan dunn preggers??)

i feel guilty for liking this delicious coat.


miss bridget rose.

my bestie, bridget rose, is amazing. she left chicago for LA and i miss her dearly. she is due for visit shortly. this is what bridget is like. 

this is peanut. he's is totally a witchy cat. 

mini is a new addition to her family. she's is very sweet and has a tiny head. 

among many things, we share a love for crystals. 


boring menswear.

alexander wang's new men's line....boooooo!! i mean i would wear that tank, but not in that light grey. ick. 



how pretty is this lady. 

source: garance dore

double rachel roy.

how cute is this rachel rachel roy stuff for macy's? the collection will be available in august or at the pop-up shop in soho.  
i especially like the look on the right. 

"just stud it."

what are these magical rings?!!
i have never been super drawn to Rachel Roy, but i quite like this line. wtg mrs. roy. 

source: nitro:licious


day off.

yay. i finished summer school last week and then had to work for the past 5 days. but today, i was off and it felt amazing. after my usual bagel from NYC bagel deli and Peet's coffee, i met my friend kyle for a visit to the Greencity Farmer's Market held in Lincoln Park. 

peaches, onions, purple peppers, yellow squash, tomatoes, purple rain carrots, purple potatoes, flowers, blueberries, and raspberries - oh my. i guess i am into purple produce. 
i bought these beautiful purple rain carrots. (isn't that name amazing? they also had purple haze carrots - so cute!) they were delicious in my salad. 

then the chalupas and i went to the montrose beach for a stroll. so nice to be by the water.

action jackson.

i am so over jumping shots, where the model is mid-air with curls a bouncing - yawn. thank god for models like these, who work action and shapes without being trite. ps, i think this is from russian vogue, but unsure, sorry.