last night, i went to a fun event in a wicker park art space with my super cute friend meghan and a couple of her girlfriends. "fuck let them eat cake" was a show styled by this young guy, justin white..and it was pretty entertaining. there were a lot of pieces from coco rococo (?? is that right?, it's that 90's resale shop on chicago ave. or something) and a friend, ashley scott, designed the amazing earrings in the show, sorry no good pics of them, but believe me they are cuuuute. and i have to say, it was a chicago fashion event that i actually liked..yay! 
(Ps. sorry the pics are a little blurry.)

meghan's amazing jewelry. you need it.

this piece was sheer and you could see her boobie, it was pretty.

in the background you can see liz, one of the owners of eskell.

I live for this jumper, it was pink and white. so fresh.

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