now put your hands up.

last night the bf and i finally went to see single man. and i likey.

 julianne moore was aaaamazing. her character charle was a fucking mess, but an amazing, glamorous one - the best sort. her house was inspirational, especially the entrance hall that was lined with orange trees.

i enjoyed colin firth too. i thought he did a great job, even tho the bf didn't think his role lived up to all the recent buzz.
i also think colin firth's character looks a lot like ysl back in the day...no?? which is weird that tom ford is referencing the man who made condescending/nasty remarks when ford took over ysl.
the movie itself was beautiful and very cinematic. i could definitely see tom ford's aesthetic conveyed in this movie, especially in the slutty characters like kenny and louis.

kenny's outfit was so cute, i was plotting how to recreate it for myself during the movie! he wore a buttonup (i would nix this for my look), a eggshell mohair sweater, and white skinny jeans (and ridick amounts of pink lipgloss). a fantastic whore look overall.

his bestie louis was this tough, beatnik-ish, blonde bombshell. if louis were a real girl, i would def. court her as her style was sick; cateye makeup, teased coif, leather, and attitude for dayz.
i would def. recommend seeing this movie, it isn't so unpredictable in the story line as it is touching and beautiful.

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