factory in garment district. 

dye house. midtown. 

weird twins, i kept seeing everyday for a week. 

i am!! are you??

the fencing helmets (i almost called them hats...oops.) lined up on the left side of the windows were so beautiful, sorry my camera didn't capture the details. 

ps. should we take up fencing? looks cute. 

judging, judging, judging. 

it was a party girl/lady bunny moment. except i wasn't high and looking for my headless baby earring, i was schlepping to chinatown to go to a fabric printer. 

button vendor. she was such a nice woman, born raised ny, tough as shit, but invited me and jessica (other intern/friend) to yoga at the offices. of course we couldn't make it bc we were stuck in the office. 

sorry for the blur. i was seriously stalking this woman. the shapes she was giving in the back were tremendous. 

i meann...!!

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