Euro vaygay pt 2.

My bf and I went on a Euro vaygaytion last month and I am still digesting it. It was epic. My favorite leg of the 15 day trip was Paris, obviously.
We stayed in le Marais just off the Place des Vosges

 In an amazing hotel called Pavillon de la Reine, it was lux but not annoying. I absolutely loved it.

 We had a Louvre moment.

 erotic street art.

 We also did the Pompidou - which had a great collection. 

On the last day, I took a train out to Versaille hoping to have an inspirational moment...

I wanted a Grace Coddington moment a la September Issue..but it was not the case. Although I did love the grandeur of the estate, I thought it was a f--ing tourist trap. At one point, a woman used my shoulder as a tripod to take a photo of a sign or something.

Thanks dude. 

One of my favorite bits of Paris was an antique fair we went to near the Bastille, normally I do not like to "thrift" or whatever but this was different... We met a couple, who were British expats living in the south of France(!!), who gave us tickets to the fair down the street. There was quite a selection: kimonos, china, jewelry, vinyl, linens, silverware, etc. But I found some great vintage sequins and tortoise shell thimbles at one of the stalls. Then for lunch we ate from this old provincial couple who served fresh oysters caught in their boat with delicious french cheeses, a baguette, and wine. It was beyooonnnnddddd.

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