Euro vaygay pt 3.

We stopped off in Istanbul for a quick 3 day stay. Turkey was a first for me and the bf. 

The Blue Mosque. 

 Istanbul lies on both European and Asian land.

Hagia Sophia.

This converted church was soooo beautiful, even more so than Notre Dame in Paris.

All and all Istanbul was an interesting trip. On the last day we went to a hamam, a turkish bath housed in an old Ottoman structure. The experience was not the spa moment I hoped for...and we left Istanbul happy to check it off the list.

Then we came back to Mykonos!! We stayed at the same hotel as last year and had such a great time. I absolutely love Greece. The people are so nice, the town of Mykonos is beautiful, the weather is perfect, and one can really recharge. We returned to the States happy boys. 

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