Look 2

Look 2 (on the far left) started out looking like that..

But ended up looking more like this.

Sourcing the lace was pretty fun; I must have gone through 100+ swatches in order to find this magical lace. Although I loved the copper color, but I had to go with silver so I could dye it along with the chiffons..

My friend Maureen helped me dye the fabrics in her cute lil' studio off Fulton Market. 

Then I began appliqueing the lace bodice together. It's a cool process of laying the seam allowances on top of each other, but stitching along the motif in an irregular pattern. It makes you a little dizzy after awhile because it's like lace Escher style.

 Final fitting at school. Btw, I hand sewed all of the hems - baby seams!

Front, side, back (omitted) at the shoot. 

Growing Works. 
(the red headed lady seated on the right is my professor, Beata. She's amazing.)

Final image. 

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