Before our amazing trip to Europe, I graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design. It was a long journey in education, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I mean..who doesn't like to learn? I took crazy classes like Space, Time, & the Arts and Spirituality & Empowerment. But during my last year I put a lot of energy and love into my senior thesis collection. It was inspired by the Rio Tinto river in Spain, hidden treasures, and strong women. This is look 1. 

On the left. 

I hand dyed all of my fabrics starting with this amber organza.

Navy and green chiffon.

Initial Draping with organza and French chantilly lace.

I also hand dyed the lace.


1st fitting in December 2010. 

Then I began to bead the appliqued lace.

Fast forward to the beginning of April. I am lucky to have friends who are talented/the real deal to help me with my photoshoot. Thanks to Maria Ponce for the photography and Manase Latu for makeup. 

Vicki G from Agency Galatea.

I also participated in the Growing Works show held at the Garfield Park Conservatory in May.

The final image.

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